Zonin Prosecco (italy)

Dry, fresh, fruity

$8.50 I $32 bottle

Chateau lafayette reneau riesling (new york)

Lively, light and fruity with hints of peach and custard
$8.00 | $30 bottle

cukcake sauvingon blanc (new zealand)

Flavors of lemon, white nectarine, and key lime with subtle hints of grapefruit.
$7.75 | $27 bottle

Line 39 Chardonnay (California)

Crisp, tropical flavors, light oak and medium body 
$9.00 | $30 bottle

Sterling Meritage Red Blend (California)

Dry, fruit forward, mixed berry with hint of chocolate
$8.25 | $32 bottle

josh cellars cabernet sauvignon

Rich with cherry and blackberry flavors, hints of tasty oak and vanilla.
$9.00 | $35 bottle

Castello Del Poggio Moscato (Italy)

Bright and fruity, fresh peach and honey
$7.50 | $29 bottle

Gabbiano Pinot Grigio

Medium body, fresh citrus, green apple and orange blossom
$8.00 | $30 bottle

Harken chardonnay (California)

Oaky, buttery and bold
$9 | $36 bottle

100 Nails ranch pinot noir (california)

Silky, layers of violet, cherry and raspberry
$8.75 | $34 bottle

Washington Hills Merlot (Washington)

Dark fruits with subtle earthy notes
$8 | $30 bottle

Day Owl Rose (California)

Floral red fruits and vibrant orange zest.
$8.50 | $32 bottle

seasonal cocktails


This blood orange jalapeno margarita is red and spicy just like our server/bartender Meghan. Served in a chili salted rimmed glass

Spring fever

Empress Indigo Gin, St. Germain, lemon juice, honey syrup and grapefruit soda

Jameson irish mule

Jameson Irish Whiskey, Ginger Beer, and lime juice

Strawberry jam mocktail

 Zero proof rum, strawberry jame, cocnut water and lemon juice 

All prices subject to change without notice. Prices shown do not include 8.75% sales tax.